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Innovation Hub

We have a platform for young innovators and developers. Bring your ideas, meet like like minded innovators and create inventions that will breakthrough the tech industry.

Coding Club

Our coding club is intended to prepare and equip kids with frontend and backend basic and professional coding skills for the future. We provide life skills for kids through fun filled coding.

AEF Scholarship

We are very passionate about helping the students and always looking for ways to help as many students as possible experience one of the leading technology camps in Nigeria.

The Aniwura Enhancement
Foundation(AEF) Training Center
A community with appropriate amenities for skill acquisition or enhancement. Develop your skills today. Register for our training programs. We have a whole lot of tech and profitable skills to engage in.
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Become a software develpoer, learn how to build softwares on our developer training courses. Giving you an indept of software development with appropriate tools.


Learn how to create logos, banners, graphic designs, animations and so much more. Using tools like photoshop, adobe illustrator, vs-kit and so much more.


Develop your photography skills, learn all the indepts of photography from our great instructors. Also learn the use of drones in photography and cinematography.

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These are free courses organised for young nigerians all over the country. Giving them profitable skills in the Tech Industry, helping them to discover their potentials. As much as we give in the best, we can't do this alone, we need you! We are open for donations. Donate now and help create a stronger future for nigerian youths!
Our Space If you are a lean start-up , individual, student, professional, regular traveler, seasoned digital nomad, or a company that needs an office or a temporary living space without any form of distractions in Lagos especially Lekki-Ikota Epe axis, AEF Tech Hub is the place to go.

Our co-working space is what your business needs. An environment perfect for startups and top business. Providing tools and equipment with global standards.


We are a dynamic tech hub founded to create a community and conducive environment for like minded and success driven entrepreneurs to live.

Private Office

Private offices are available for a whole new experience of business development and office structures. With the equipment and tools available in an office environment.

Training Room

Want to organise small and medium scale seminars and training sessions? We have the appropriate option for you. Suited to give you the best facility experience.

Board Room

For top business an organisations looking for a remote space to organise their board meetings, we've got exactly what you need all equipped.

Conference Hall

Want to organise large conference programs or seminars for your business or organisations? Check out our conference hall today. Its affordable!

The AEF Innovation Hub A community and avenue for young developers and innovators to express their ideas and meet with like minds, hereby creating and building inventions for the global market.
Coding Club The power of technology in our day to day lives has evidently become a reality today and most certainly in the future. Thus, our coding club is intended to prepare and equip kids with basic coding skills for the future. What we do at our Coding club is to provide life skills for kids through fun filled coding and diverse skill enhancement sessions.
code with scratch

Kids will learn how to code with scratch hereby creating video games and coding with a fun filled experience. Scratch is a programming language for kids.

create video games

Kids love to be creative and inovative. At our coding club, we give them the platform to express their ideas and creativity. They'll all love to build video games.

design animations

Every kid loves to watch animations because its fun and thrilling. Now at our coding club, we give them the platform and skills to create these animations.


Science kids are taught the engineering of robotics as basic as possible to their own understanding and imagination. They'll also get to build their own robots.

Let's Chat AEF is a new breed of enhancements in tech innovations, trainings in addition to living and working environments. We are an open source community, open for your ideas and thoughts.