The Need For A
Conducive Environment
Every business or organisation needs a conducive and appropriate environment for their services and operation. From cleanliness of the environment to availability of electricity, water, ventilation, technology and so much more, it is of most importance that the environment is in a very good condition for both the workers and the customers. At AEF Tech Hub, this is our utmost feature. We provide our clients the best experience in co-working and co-living community, giving you the perfect environment for your business and customers, hereby increasing your productivity and on the long run giving room for more startups to grow.
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Our Space Categories
Co - Working

In a working community, different people have different working habits. Some work best in the morning, some at midnight, some like to be alone, some love to work with company, while others enjoy using a very comfortable desk or lying in a lazybag. Which ever you prefer, AEF Tech Hub has the perfect space for you.

Co - Living

We have large shared rooms with bunk beds similar to a hostel like experience. It's perfect if you are on a budget or like many digital nomads who like to share more than just a place to work. Along with the bed each person gets a closet where they can safely store their belongings. Each room is wirelessly connected to our high speed 5mb per second internet hotspot facility, DSTV explorer with bathroom and toilets ensuite.

Private Office

This is for those who always prefer their privacy or organisations with executives or special departments. We have private offices available for these. You will have your own desk in an enclosed room fully equiped with our 5mb per second internet connection, air conditioner and 24 hours electricity. You will also get your private toilet.

Training Room

Training rooms are available for oganisations or individuals who want to organise seminars or workshops for their staff or the public. Fully equipped with 50 seats, air conditioner, teaching board, projector and ofcourse our 5mb per second internet connection.

Board Room

This is for top business organisations who want to have special board meetings or stake-holders metting. Equipped with 5 star grade furniture with about 15 seats, teaching board, projector, air conditioner, electricity and our 5mb per second internet connection for better information sharing experience.

Conference Hall

We have a large conference hall for special events and occasions, with about 100 seats available with air conditioner, sound equipment and teaching stage with a board. Perfect for your yearly conference events and special seminar.